Question: How Can I Transfer My Airtel Data To Another Number?

How do I add money to my wallet?

Here’s how to add money:Go to your card info: iPhone: Open the Wallet app, tap your Apple Cash card, then tap .

Tap Add Money.Enter an amount.

The minimum is $10.Tap Add, then confirm the U.S.

debit or prepaid card2 that you want to use to add money.

Confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode..

Can Recharge be refunded?

Issue a full or partial refund in ReCharge In the charge details of that order, enter the quantity you wish to refund. … Confirm the refund amount and click on the Process Refund button.

How can I transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel?

Can I transfer MB from an Airtel SIM to another SIM? Yes. Dial *141#, then follow the instructions. Click on the gift data option, then change your default PIN.

How can I transfer Airtel money to another number?

Below are the steps to do Airtel to Airtel balance money transfer.Dial Airtel USSD code for balance transfer, *141#It will open a menu with options such as Share talk time, Take loan/Ask for talk time, Gift pack, Buy happy hours, Account, Help.Here, you need to choose ‘Share talk time’ by pressing 1 and hit ‘send’More items…•

Can we transfer mobile data?

Yes, You can transfer data from phone to phone.

Where can I use Airtel wallet money?

Our customers can also shop using a prepaid card linked to the wallet and avail exciting discounts and cash back on movies, travel tickets, hotel bookings, lifestyle shopping and more. Even if you are shopping offline, you can always find a merchant near you and shop using the Airtel Money Wallet.

How many times can I share data on Airtel?

Airtel Data Me2U vs Airtel Data GiftingStandardData Me2UAuto-renewed optionAuto-renewed isn’t still supported.Maximum data to be shared/giftedThe maximum data that can be shared at a time with your friend or friends is 200MB data to one person and a maximum of 2 recipients daily -200MB each with 2 recipients daily.8 more rows

How can I update my KYC details in Airtel Money wallet?

Attention! As per RBI guidelines, you will need to update KYC details for your Airtel Money Wallet to continue loading money. Click… yc to update.

How can I transfer 500mb data on Airtel?

Now to share Airtel MB in the latest update on Airtel data MB sharing, you will need to complete these steps:Dial *141# USSD code on your phone and send it.Choose option 6 from the next window and click on send.Pick option 2 (for data gifting) or 3 (for data Me2U), depending on your data sharing needs.More items…

How can I transfer MB?

On your phone dial: *229*recipient*Amount Of MB then followed by # e.g *229*08083253341*50# OR *229*recipient*Amount Of MB*pin# eg. *229*08083253341*50*pin#. Default Security Pin is=0000 After doing this, the total MB you specified will be transferred to the number you entered.

How can I transfer money from Airtel to bank account?

How to transfer airtel money to bank accountOpen the Airtel Money App & Tap on ‘Send’ Option.Tap on Bank → Fill account holder name → Bank Name → Account Number → Mobile Number & Tap on “Proceed” button.Enter Amount & Tap on tick mark button.Convenience charges for sending the amount to the bank, Tap On Proceed button.Click on “Payments Bank” Option.It’s done!

How can I get my money back from Airtel wallet?

You can contact us at and provide your email id and mobile number or call us from your registered mobile number at Airtel customers dial in 400 and Non Airtel customers dial in 8800688006. Your wallet will be blocked and balance amount will be refunded back to you.

Is Airtel Money wallet safe?

It is safe from Airtel’s side, as there are less chances of anything happening to the money. But from customer’s side issue is that if you lose your mobile then there are chances of losing your money, because while the app requires mpin for all transfer, airtel wallet to airtel wallet trasnfers are without any mpin.

Can I withdraw money from Airtel Money?

IMT is accessible to all Airtel Payments Bank account holders through USSD (*400#) and MyAirtel app. The customers can generate a cash withdrawal request which can be used for withdrawal at any of the IMT-enabled ATMs.

How do I transfer data to another number?

How do I transfer a data bundle?Dial *135# and select ‘Buy bundles and services’.Select ‘Data bundles’.Select ‘For another number’.Enter recipient’s Vodacom number.Select the data bundle to transfer.

What is Airtel Money wallet?

Home Wallet Airtel Money App. Airtel Money, the mobile wallet from the successful and popular telecom company Airtel, allows you to use your smartphone as an electronic wallet to make and receive payments. Originally launched in 2012, the app offers customers with an efficient alternative to cash transactions.