Question: Is Dark Josie Stronger Than Hope?

Does Lizzie kill Josie?

Lizzie had one of her episodes and went dark, paranoid, and Josie became her biggest threat.

Lizzie became obsessed with winning and when she lost control, she killed Josie..

Is Josie Saltzman pansexual?

One of its major characters, Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant) has a bisexual arc so far, which has been dealt with pretty sensitively,” another fan said. … “Because Josie is pansexual, which means she’s attracted to anyone regardless of male, female, cis, trans, non-binary.

Is Josie Saltzman dead?

Ablah grants her wish and effectively restores reality to where she and Lizzie never met and Josie never died by Lizzie’s hand.

Will hope be an original?

Hope is the first and only child born to an Original. She has the blood of an Original and would be an Orginal vampire. We know this because Hayley was changed to hybrid after dying during Hope’s birth because she still had Hope’s blood in her body (fetal cells get into mom’s blood).

Why does Lizzie hate hope Josie?

That’s on you!”) Lizzie eventually told Hope that she’s always hated her because she heard that Hope called her “witch bipolar.” Hope swore she’d never say that about someone, adding that she understands Lizzie’s issues better than anyone, given everything she experienced (and lost) growing up as a Mikaelson.

What is wrong with Lizzie Saltzman?

Lizzie have bipolar disorder . They all have some type of disorder. There use to be casting cards that explain it. Yet the way they portray her, is very dissimilar to bipolar disorder.

Is Lizzie Saltzman a doppelganger?

Elizabeth Saltzman is a doppelganger and I am very excited to see flashbacks of their life together. I’m VERY excited (but that might be an understatement).

Will Josie and Hope get together?

Do not worry, Legacies fans! The Vampire Diaries and Originals spinoff is set to bring Hope Mikaelson and Josie Saltzman closer together after the Landon twists. Last season’s wrinkle meant Hope ending up in the Malivore pit, which caused everyone to forget her, leaving Hope with a big decision to make.

Who is the oldest witch in Vampire Diaries?

Esther Esther2 Esther. Esther is considered the original witch; she is the witch that made the first vampires.

Does Landon pick hope or Josie?

Landon now remembers Hope, but instead of quickly settling the trio’s romantic dilemma, Legacies went around it. Landon’s best bro Raf persuaded him to leave Mystic Falls with him due to the danger they pose to people. In the end, Landon agreed and left town without choosing Josie or Hope.

Is hope stronger than Marcel?

Hope’s blood is basically Klaus’ blood (through biological inheritance; DNA). This is why she can sire new hybrids, and heal werewolf bite like him. … No she won’t be naturally stronger than Marcel as not even Klaus was stronger than Marcel. The only way she’d be stronger than Marcel is if she magically enhances herself.

Who is more powerful Bonnie or hope?

Bonnie as she can invoke her bloodline to add to her already great power mixed with her psychic ness. She’s much more stronger than Hope as Hope’s not done anything that puts her power equal to or above 100 witches powers like Bonnie.

Can hope be killed?

For all we know, once she transitions, she will be completely immortal, except in the case of drinking the Cure. At the moment ,Hope’s vampire blood combine with her werewolf healing power , and she also has witch power of healing (like how can heal the butterfly as a child ), it is pretty hard to kill Hope .

Why doesnt hope use her vampire side?

Because she’s not only a vampire. You have heard her use the word “tribrid”, haven’t you? That’s because she’s a witch, a vampire and a werewolf. When Lizzie was moving through parallel timelines, we got to see a Hope Mikaelson that was feeding on blood, and thus obviously more in tune with her vampiric side.

Is Hope older than the twins?

So yes Hope is older than the twin by 2 yr .

Who is the strongest witch in Vampire Diaries?

Bonnie BennettOn the Vampire Diaries the strongest witch is definitely Bonnie Bennett. She come from a long line of Bennett witches, and she is able to create whole dimension. On the Original they have a host of very strong witches. Finn, Esther, Freya, Vincent, Davina, Dahlia , and if course Hope Mikaelson.

Who is the strongest witch in legacies?

Hope MikaelsonHope Mikaelson “is the most powerful witch in the world.”

Is Lizzie stronger than Josie?

Josie is the stronger twin. Josie has the better feats while the best thing Lizzie did was a barrier spell to keep the gargoyle from getting out.