Question: Is It Weird To Tell Someone They Smell Good?

Why do I still smell after a shower?

What causes the unpleasant smell is the bacteria that build up on your sweaty skin and react with sweat and oils to grow and multiply when sweat reacts with bacteria on the skin.

These bacteria break down proteins and fatty acids, causing body odor in the process..

Why do some people smell like poop?

Answer: Bromhidrosis, body odour or BO occurs when skin bacteria get their hands (or comparable bacterial body parts) on proteins that are excreted when you sweat. … Other substances, from food or the body’s own processes, can be released from the skin and also smell bad, sometimes like poo.

How do you tell an employee they smell without making it awkward?

How To Tell An Employee They Smell:Ask to speak in private.Be direct (“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but you have a strong odor about you.”)Reserve judgment ( “I don’t know if it’s from your clothing or if it’s a personal hygiene issue.”)Open the conversation (“Are you aware of this issue?More items…•

How do you tell a friend she stinks?

5 ways to tell a friend they smell badDon’t jump the gun. Before deciding to confront your friend, make sure that they really have one in the first place. … Keep the scope of the problem small and the tone relaxed. Begin the conversation with a compliment to make the person feel at ease. … Address your friend privately. … Be empathetic. … Help your friend out.

Is it rude to tell someone they smell?

Spending time around someone with body odor is definitely disagreeable. Deciding to tell someone there’s a problem is positively cringe-inducing. … If you find a stranger’s aroma offensive, you really don’t know what’s up, and it’s not your place to interfere.

Should you tell someone they smell?

Definitely don’t say anything the first, second or even third time you notice it.” If it’s something little that can be fixed in the moment — toilet paper on someone’s shoe comes to mind — go ahead and speak up. But for larger issues, it can be a good idea to hold off until you’re sure it’s an ongoing problem.

How can I smell fresh all day?

Here are our 18 tips for how to smell good all day.Drink Plenty of Water. … Spritz in the Closet. … Store a Scented Sachet in Your Underwear Drawer. … Perfume Your Hairbrush. … Spray Your Bare Torso with Fragrance. … Blend with Other Favorite Scents. … Apply Lightly Scented Deodorant. … Use Shoe Spray.More items…•

What does it mean if someone says you smell good?

When we say “You smell good,” here’s what we mean: … We mean you smell sophisticated, and a little dangerous, like you know things we don’t but want to.

How do you tell a girl she stinks?

What you do instead is compliment her when she smells good. Have some playtime in the shower and tell her you love the smell of her body wash — put your face up to her just-lathered neck and inhale deeply. Make soaping her up thoroughly part of the fun (and, of course, have her soap you up thoroughly too!)

Why does my friend smell like fish?

Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is an uncommon condition that causes an unpleasant, fishy smell. It’s also called “fish odour syndrome”. Sometimes it’s caused by faulty genes that a person inherits from their parents, but this isn’t always the case. There’s currently no cure, but there are things that can help.

Can you be fired for body odor?

In general, firing someone for smelling bad is legal. … Employees can be fired for smelling bad, because the employer doesn’t like the color of their shirt, or because the supervisor is in a bad mood. Should you tell a job candidate about her body odor?

How do you tell my boyfriend he stinks?

Just tell him in a polite way. One day when he comes close to you and has an offensive body odor, just tell him to go and shower to get rid of the body odor before he comes close. You can buy some nice smelling soaps, shower gels and air fresheners. “Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.”

How do you tell someone to take a shower?

I want to let you know that you shouldn’t feel rushed; take your time between going to practice and hanging out with us. Do whatever you need to do – get changed, rehydrate and get a snack, and shower. Mentioning the shower explicitly, come to think of it, might be a good idea.

How do you smell good down below?

The following techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual vaginal odors:Practice good hygiene. Bathe the area between your legs. … Use only exterior deodorizing products. … Change your underwear. … Consider a pH product. … Essential oils. … Soak in vinegar. … Prescription treatments.

Why is my girlfriend so stinky?

Some things like thrush and bacterial vaginosis can cause smells and often a discharge, while STIs can have a fishy or cheesy odour and it’s that particular unpleasant smell (rather than just the stronger scent of genitals) plus possible pain and discharge that should be investigated.

How do you tell someone to shut up?

Use non-committal body language before the conversation begins. While it may feel impolite, turning your body away, leaving headphones on, and avoiding eye-contact will signal that you are not in the mood to talk. This may save you from directly telling someone to shut up later on.