Quick Answer: Does Paper Reflect UV Light?

Does UV light pass through paper?

White materials such as CaCO3, TiO2, ZnS even paper as well as particles in water will scatter uv light and attenuate it with penetration distance.

Diffraction gratings, prisms, dichroic filters etc.

will physically remove uv , and other frequencies from selective target areas..

Can you reflect UV light?

Many surfaces reflect UV radiation and add to the overall UV levels you experience. While grass, soil or water reflect less than 10 per cent of incident UV radiation, sand reflects about 15 per cent, and sea foam about 25 per cent. Fresh snow is a particularly good reflector and almost doubles a person’s UV exposure.

Does paper reflect light?

A white sheet of paper reflects almost all the light that falls on it. It reflects white light because it can reflect all the colours of the spectrum that comprise white light. If red light only is shone onto a white page, the red light is reflected.

What surfaces reflect UV rays?

UV rays can be reflected off of open water, grass, sand, snow, concrete and painted walls. You can get a sunburn in the shade or when skiing on a cold, winter day. Coarse and soft surfaces like grass are basically bounced less UV radiation than hard or smooth surfaces like concret.