Quick Answer: How Much Does BT Line Rental Cost?

What is BT Value Line?

BT Value (starting at £13.00 a month) It offers just the standard basic line with capped calls and optional call features.

The downside is, they give this plan a basic care level which means that it will take 2 working days for your phone issues to get fixed..

Has BT line rental gone up?

As of 1st September, selected customers will be moved onto the BT Unlimited Minutes plan which costs £15 a month. … It’s also worth noting that these costs do not include line rental –– which is usually an additional £20.20 a month for BT customers –– and isn’t going to be affected by the price increase.

Why is BT line rental so expensive?

Line rental is included in most broadband packages because most providers use BT’s copper wires to give you an Internet connection. BT says that the cost of maintaining the line is the same whether or not you use it to make calls. …

How much is BT business line rental?

It’s completely free if you have a standard business phone line or a Featureline. For just £13.90 a month you can add unlimited calls to both UK landlines and mobiles. And if you have customers or suppliers based overseas, add 2,500 international landline minutes every month for only £10 (ex VAT) a month.

Do bt packages include line rental?

Line rental is now included in the cost of your package. This means that you now have just one price for both your broadband and line rental services. This makes it much clearer and simpler to pay for your home broadband.

Do you still have to pay BT line rental with Sky?

If you want Sky Broadband then you need to pay line rental to Sky, as you can’t escape paying it I’m afraid. You wouldn’t need to pay it to BT.

What does BT line rental include?

BT Broadband connection and rental charges are included on your main BT bill. … Your future bills will only include the usual advance charges (including any standard telephone rental and call charges), unless you have changed your broadband package.

What is a BT Featureline?

It allows you to see a caller’s phone or extension number, if available, before you answer. You’ll need a caller display phone or unit to use it. There is a one-off set up fee for Caller Display on Featureline.

What is the cheapest broadband and line rental?

Virgin Media – Bundles together superfast fibre broadband with unlimited anytime calls. Sky – Lets you bundle a landline with fibre and standard broadband, as well as pay TV. TalkTalk – Offers low prices that are locked in for your whole contract, average broadband speeds of 63Mbps, and home phone upgrades.

Who has the cheapest line rental?

Post Office and Plusnet are two providers that offer relatively cheap line rental.

How much is BT line rental only?

There are two ways to pay BT line rental: Pay monthly for £20.20 a month. If you have a broadband and calls package this will be included in your package price. Pay £22.20 a month (or £2 extra if part of your broadband & calls package).

What is a VoIP call?

IP-Enabled Services Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

Do bt own all phone lines?

BT supplies the majority of home broadband firms with lines, but one company, cable giant Virgin, has installed its own separate, fibre-optic network across much of the UK. The amount Virgin charges for what is listed as a “Virgin Phone line” is £16.99 for packages involving a landline and internet.

How much is Sky phone line rental?

Sky Talk customers must take line rental from Sky (£18.99 per month). You will receive one bill for all your tariff charges. Plus there are a number of Call Features which come as standard and you can choose to take additional features for a little extra. 1.

How much is UK line rental?

The price of line rental varies from one broadband provider to the next. You can typically expect to pay somewhere between £12 and £20. Always compare the full prices, to make sure you’re getting the right deal.