Quick Answer: Is Game Of Thrones Hard To Read?

Should I read Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?

Read Harry Potter and watch Game of Thrones.

While the Harry Potter movies are good, the books are better, richer, have more detail and are generally more rewarding.

The Game of Thrones TV series however is much better than the source material.

It’s leaner, meaner, more interesting and better in pretty much every way..

What age should you be to read Game of Thrones?

This series has extreme violence, torture, horrors of war, sex, gang rape and mature themes that are not suitable for children. Its a great series, but is certainly not for children. I recommend 16+, though a mature teenager at 14-15 could also handle these books on a case by case basis …

Is there swearing in Game of Thrones books?

The cussing isn’t gratuitous, even if much else in Game of Thrones is — in almost all instances in both the books and the TV show, swear words build character. … While I recognize that there is at least an internal logic to the cursing, I still cringe every time I hear a “f—” or its ilk in Westeros or Essos.

Should I watch Game of Thrones or read the books first?

Originally Answered: Should I read the Game of Thrones books first before watching the show or watch the show first than read the books? Irrespective of when you watch the show, you must read the books. You will appreciate the work of GRRM more. The way its written and level of details is very good.

What is the rating for Game of Thrones?

Across all HBO platforms (linear, HBO GO and HBO NOW), the fiery episode amassed a record 19.3 million viewers, exceeding the previous series high of 18.4 million (again, set by Episode 5, “The Bells”). TVLine readers gave the series finale an average grade of “C,” while Season 8 overall rated a “C-.”

How is gory in Game of Thrones?

It’s violent and bloody for sure, but at least for me there isn’t that much stuff that’s like viscerally hard to watch. Overall there is a lot of blood and various appendages being cut off. GoT shows violence in its true form, gore and all. … And the violence is so real and brutal.

Should I let my 13 year old watch Game of Thrones?

PG-13 is a rating used to indicate that children under 13 should be okay watching it with the consent of a parent. Game of Thrones, however, has a solid R rating. R means that the content can be mature and it was not created with people under 18 as the intended audience.

Where should I start reading Game of Thrones?

“Game of Thrones” Books Option 1: Start At The BeginningWorld Of Ice And Fire Release Date: The New ‘Game of Thrones’ History Book Will Make The Wait For ‘Winds Of Winter’ Worthwhile.’Game Of Thrones’ Season 5: To Fix The Show (And Yes, It’s Broken), Give It 12 Episodes.More items…•

Can a 12 year old watch Game of Thrones?

Do not let your children between the ages of 10 to 18 to watch Game of Thrones. … So, the only solution is to disallow your kids watching all such shows until they grow older to deal with intense violence and sexuality.

Why can’t kids watch Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones should not be watched by children because it is indeed full of violence, sex, and really dark topics.

What reading level is Game of Thrones?

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)Interest LevelReading LevelATOSGrades 9 – 12Grades 4 – 65.5Mar 27, 2014

Is Game of Thrones good to read?

Yes, Game of Thrones are a good series of books. Some excellent characters, great action, enjoyable world building. They are a commitment. … I would really recommend them if you have time to read them, but these are not the type of books where you can read a chapter here and there and enjoy.

Is GoT scary?

The show is scary in a sense that there’s a grim inevitability that terrible and brutal things happen to good people and there is no vengeance for them. Their deaths are not plot productive, they’re just… honest and awful.

Is Game of Thrones appropriate for 11 year olds?

Game of Thrones is a series with a lot of scenes of violence, gore, nudity, etc. Therefore it is suitable for people who are above 16. But Game Of Thrones is not just about that, it’s characters and storyline are complicated that you need to have a certain level of maturity to understand it.