Quick Answer: Is Redmi 7 A Good Phone?

Which is better redmi 7 or redmi y3?

As the Redmi Y3 is a selfie-focused smartphone, it features a massive 32-megapixel front camera, while the Redmi 7 only bears an 8-megapixel sensor.

While the Redmi Y3 offers EIS, auto HDR, and AI portrait mode on the front camera, the Redmi 7 only offers an AI portrait mode in comparison..

Is redmi Note 7 is good for gaming?

Benchmark Tests Of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Gaming The device is equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. Testing the phone on AnTuTu, it achieved 137,251 points. … Moreover, the GPU score of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 reached over 30,000 points promising a great graphics performance.

Which is better redmi Note 7 or note 7s?

The Redmi Note 7S comes with a better camera setup when compared to the Redmi Note 7. The Redmi Note 7S comes with 48MP + 5MP dual rear camera setup on the back panel. The phone also includes PDAF, EIS and AI Portrait Mode support. In comparison, the Redmi Note 7 includes 12MP + 2MP camera setup on the rear panel.

Is it worth buying redmi 7?

Redmi 7 performance, battery life, and cameras. We received the 3GB RAM version of the Redmi 7 for review, so our experiences might be better than those of people who buy the base variant, which is of course more affordable. Other than the ads throughout MIUI, we found the Redmi 7 easy to use, but a little buggy.

Can I play PUBG on redmi 7?

While PUBG does run on the Redmi 7, the experience is less than satisfactory. Pushing the graphics to the highest available option – balanced, HD – gave us mixed results. The game was playable, but it dropped frames often enough to not be a very enjoyable experience.

Why are redmi phones so cheap?

Xiaomi barely does that so they can keep costs lower. Their product are cheap because (as said few times by CEO) their strategy is to make products with small profit margins (like 5-10%) and they hope this convince you to buy more of theirs products…. 5% profit margin. Also, they used to be online-only.

Which phone is good in redmi?

New Redmi Mobile Phones under 15000 on EMIBest Redmi Mobile Phones under 15000 with PriceXiaomi MI A3Rs. 12,999Redmi Note 6 ProRs. 13,999Redmi Y3Rs. 9,999Redmi Note 5 ProRs. 13,9997 more rows

Which Colour of redmi note 7s is best?

It comes in three funky colours: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Onxy Black. In this review, the Sapphire Blue Colour is what you see in the images. And I must say that it is one of the most beautiful phones you can find under Rs 20,000. The Redmi Note 7S is fairly sturdy, courtesy Gorilla Glass 5 on both back and front.

Does redmi note 7s have heating issues?

The Redmi Note 7S has a heating issue for sure, as the phone got warm while gaming or even using with camera indoors. The Night mode with minimal lighting results in too much noise and lack of details.

Which is better redmi 6 or redmi 7?

–The Redmi 7 is more powerful compared to the Redmi 6. The Redmi 7 is also powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 632 processor. In comparison, the Redmi 6 is run by MediaTek’s Helio P22 processor. This suggests that the Redmi 7 comes with Kryo 250 CPU while the Redmi 6 packs Cortex A53 CPU.

Is redmi better than Samsung?

In terms of camera performance, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is better than the Galaxy M30 overall, as it gives you better-looking photos and has the option to record video at higher resolutions. These two smartphones are pretty much the best that Samsung and Xiaomi have to offer in the sub-Rs.

Is redmi 7 a metal body?

For Rs 7,999, the Redmi 7 brings gradient finish, funky colours, dot notch, and good screen-to-body ratio to consumers. … It also makes the look much pricier, even though there is no metal or glass in the Redmi 7 back panel. Unlike the Redmi Note 7, which costs more, the Redmi 7 uses a plastic body with metal frame.

Which is better redmi 7 or redmi 8?

Starting with the differences, the Redmi 8 features a 6.22-inch HD+ display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SoC, whereas the Redmi 7 comes with a 6.26-inch HD+ screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 SoC. Xiaomi is providing 3GB and 4GB RAM options for the Redmi 8.

Are redmi phones Good?

Xiaomi’s Redmi series phones have always offered great value for money to consumers. They are quintessential mainstream phones: good, solid hardware paired with an attractive design and priced for affordability. But even by the Redmi Note standards, Xiaomi has managed to make the Redmi Note 8 series better.

Is redmi note 7s a good phone?

The build quality of the Redmi Note 7S is great considering its price. It is slightly bulky, but not so much that it will be a bother to you. The overall fit and finish is impeccable and all the metal and glass does make the Note 7S look and feel in hands a more premium phone than what its price of Rs 10,999 suggests.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

The first Xiaomi was quite good as it, at least, lasts for 2 years. But my current phone, Xiaomi Max, took me USD$50 to fix the LCD screen and I just bought it for 6 months. … My advice is, if you’re looking for a phone which will last for years, you could try to look for other phones.

Are redmi phones long lasting?

The simple answer is No. In the long run none of the phones are long lasting,max you can use any smartphone for 3 years. Redmi uses sub standard components to reduce the price and these components most o the time works perfectly for one year and after that no warranty or guarantee.

Is redmi 8 good for PUBG?

Gaming isn’t a very enjoyable experience and running a PUBG campaign is a mixed bag. Sure, the game is playable, but there are noticeable frame drops. Gaming on the Redmi 8 isn’t the most enjoyable experience. There’s no difference at all in the software experience.