Quick Answer: What Does Being Held Captive Mean?

How do captives work?

When a company creates a captive they are indirectly able to evaluate the risks of subsidiaries, write policies, set premiums and ultimately either return unused funds in the form of profits, or invest them for future claim payouts.

Captive insurance companies sometimes insure the risks of the group’s customers..

What does being mean?

Being is a concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence. Anything that partakes in being is also called a “being”, though often this usage is limited to entities that have subjectivity (as in the expression “human being”).

What’s another word for existence?

Existence Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for existence?actualitysurvivalexistingfactlivingpersonhoodbeingesseindividualityjourney78 more rows

What does captive mean?

captive. noun. plural captives. Definition of captive (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : one who has been captured : one taken and held usually in confinement Something there is in us that finds captivity captivating, particularly when the captives are prisoners of war.—

How do you use the word captive in a sentence?

Captive sentence examplesShe was virtually a captive in the cabin. … He was taken captive in the battle, but exchanged for the wife of Robert Bruce. … He looked round at the captive drummer boy and felt a pang in his heart. … The prisoners, who were most barbarously treated, remained captive for over four years.More items…

What is another word for trapped?

What is another word for trapped?ensnaredstucksurroundedcapturedcaughtconfinedcorneredcut offentombedhemmed in25 more rows

What’s the opposite of generous?

What is the opposite of generous?stingyselfishmiserlyniggardlyparsimoniouspenurioussparingstintingthriftytight29 more rows

What does hold captive mean?

Definition of ‘take sb captive/hold sb captive’ If you take someone captive or hold someone captive, you take or keep them as a prisoner.

What is captive model?

Captive model means that customer organization makes strategic decision to create its presence in the lower cost location and conduct work there as a part of its own operations. The activities are performed remotely, but they are not outsourced to the vendor.

What does captive mean in the Bible?

noun, plural cap·tiv·i·ties. the state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined. (initial capital letter) Babylonian captivity.

What is difference between cogeneration and captive power plant?

There is a significant difference between a Captive Power Plant (CPP) and a Cogeneration plant. … In a Cogeneration setup, only the excess heat in the steam generated is used and remaining heat is used for the process requirement. Therefore, steam is not specifically generated for power production.

What is captive use?

Captive use means use of the entire quantity of mineral(s) extracted from the mining lease in a mineral processing unit or mineral beneficiation unit owned by the lessee excluding the mineral of substandard quality or mineral rejects; + New List.

What does existence mean?

Existence is the state of being alive or being real. … The noun existence can be used many different ways, but it always has to do with being alive or with simply “being”. You can talk about the survival of something as its existence, like your yo-yo club having lost so many members that its existence is in danger.

What is another word for captive?

What is another word for captive?confinedincarceratedsubjugatedboundin captivityincommunicadounder restraintbehind barsin bondagetaken prisoner32 more rows

What is captive portal login?

A captive portal is a Web page that some networks use to block access until the user performs some specific action. Most times it’s just to show the terms of use or for the user to input his login information.

What is the opposite of captive?

Antonyms for captive disillusioned, free, independent, loose, uninterested.

What is existence time?

Existence means emergence or stand alone. … Time is thus an integral part of existence. Yet, humans tend not to make the distinction between existence as something time-bound, at odds with atemporality, and being which is not necessarily associated with time, and hence well-aligned with timelessness.