Quick Answer: What Does WBO Mean In Texting?

What does WBA mean in texting?

Western Business AttireMeaning.


Western Business Attire.

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What is IBF mean?

The acronym ibf can stand for any number of things: the International Boxing Federation, International Bargaining Forum, or international banking facilities, to name a few. But online, IBF, usually typed as ibf, most often stands for internet best friend, a riff on the classic bf for best friend.

What is WBO in HDFC Bank?

Cluster Head – WBO. Job objective or overall purpose statement : – Overall supervision and management of operations in WBO locations under his/her Cluster, as per the laid down process of the bank and abiding to the policies of RBI and other Regulators.

Who is the owner of HDFC Bank?

Aditya Puri (Sep 1994–)HDFC Bank/CEO

What does IBF mean on TikTok?

Internet BF”Internet BF”, i.e. “Internet Boyfriend”. Contrast with IGF. He’s my IBF, but we haven’t actually met in real life. See more words with the same meaning: Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms (list of).

What does IBF stand for in pregnancy?

In vitro fertilizationIn vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the most common and effective type of assisted reproductive technology to help women become pregnant. It involves fertilizing an egg outside the body, in a laboratory dish, and then implanting it in a woman’s uterus.

What is the meaning of WBO?

World Boxing OrganizationThe World Boxing Organization (WBO) is an organization which sanctions professional boxing bouts.

What do Wgo mean in texting?

what’s going onSlang Terms & Acronyms containing “wgo” wgo : what’s going on.

Which is the No 1 bank in India?

HDFC Bank: HDFC Bank has been ranked India’s No. 1 Bank in forbes’ world’s Best bank report.

Is HDFC and HDFC Bank same?

HDFC Ltd is the parent company of HDFC Bank and there are many like HDFC Bank under the umbrella. ( HDFC Life, HDFC Red, HDFC Securities etc.) So, generally financial institutions are those related to financial sector( say directly with money) and it includes NBFC ( Non banking finance Corp) and Bank.

What do FTW mean?

for the winFTW is an acronym that means “for the win.” This definition may seem obscure. I mean, what does “for the win” really mean? Well, think about it. If you’re in an online game and you capture the flag, you did it for the win or so that you could win.